Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raw foods for beginners, part 1

I apologize for not posting as consistently lately. I've been working on a tactic for this blog based on responses and questions I've received. I've also been dedicating some time to researching so I can give you good information. Most of you have been asking about where to start so this post is about tackling the first step: learning.

First, I want to say congrats on making the first step, even if it's simply becoming more curious. Some of you are ready to try raw foods, some of you want to learn more so you can be educated about your choices, and that's great! I started out the same way. I spent (and continue to spend) numerous hours online reading about this lifestyle and I would like to share some of my favorite resources with you today.

I still recommend starting with the 7-day detox and reading all the great info that gets delivered to your email. You can also check out the links on the left rail of this blog, which I will continue adding to. My profile has links to the blogs I'm following if you enjoy blogs. For those you who like videos, YouTube has many channels you can watch, these are my favorites. I look forward to having my own channel in the future as well.

What really worked for me was signing up on various sites for emails. You'll get great bits of info on a regular basis that help you stay current with your health and keep you motivated. Here are the ones I recommend:

For book lovers out there, I've got a few favorites too:

Well, I think that's plenty to get you started. If you find anything along your way, please post a link in the comments below so we can all learn together. Part 2 will cover some of the transitional steps you can take, what to expect from your body, and a bit of mental/spiritual advice too.


  1. Great job, Bea.

  2. love your blog! great to connect. :)

  3. miss your posts! I know you've been sick, I hope you are feeling better. Can't wait to see what else you will post!