Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dinner & a lecture at Almond Blossom Cafe

Tonight was quite the treat—for the body and mind! I got to listen to a great speaker, Dr. Craig B. Sommers, and have a rawsome meal prepared by my favorite raw restaurant. We started off with a nice green salad with sprouts, followed by the "antipasta" dish pictured above (yes, I have those same plates at home), and ended with my favorite kind of dessert: carob-raspberry cake sprinkled with coconut! (Sorry no photo of that, I was eating it with one hand and videotaping with the other.)

Dr. Sommers gave a great talk about the raw foods lifestyle. I bought his book, which he was kind enough to autograph and I will be sharing the video and some of the things I learned throughout the rest of this week as the information is great and covers a variety of topics. I just wanted to give you a quick preview of my evening until then.

Check to see if you have any health gurus visiting your town. It may be just what you need to get you inspired and motivated to make the leap to a new you. And if you're not far from me, let's plan to go together.


  1. Where's the video clip? I would LOVE to see what you taped! What did you learn?

  2. I'll be posting it later. I'm going to try to cut it up into topics for a few different posts as it covered a lot of great info.