Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 1, not bad at all

26 hours have passed since I last ate, and I can truly tell you I am not hungry right now. I never thought I would say this after a fast, but it's true. Of course, I had cravings and was hungry throughout the day, but I made mental effort to prepare myself and I succeeded at enjoying the beginning of this cleanse.

I drank a lot of water today, and not just to ward off hunger, but because I was honestly very thirsty. Maybe our bad Chinese meal last night did it, but I haven't gone to the bathroom yet (yes #2, this is a raw blog so that will surely come up again as it's a part of knowing your digestive system) and that is very strange for me. I feel a bit bloated—ready to eliminate the toxins and rejuvenate with nutrients. The biggest shock was that my hunger was never in my stomach (which only growled twice) but in my mouth. I had to ignore the smells of food in the office that triggered saliva, and I even gave away the last piece of chocolate I had at my desk. That is a true victory right there!

In addition to the time I saved by not having to prepare any food, I had enough energy to take our dogs for a walk after work and check off most of my to do list. This also helps keep Domino and Oreo (our dogs) from trying to get my attention when I'm on the computer for hours at night. Next step (hopefully I feel up to it in the morning) will be getting back into yoga, my favorite exercise.

Tomorrow starts the raw detox with food. I will be posting everything I eat for your curiosity. Breakfast is a mono-fruit meal—I'll probably stick to bananas for the instant energy boost and satisfying texture.

As some of you had commented via email, we may have had similar struggles with weight, or you may be on your own journey to health with the new year (congrats if you are). I hope to provide you with some of the best resources I've found and answer any questions you may have. I will get more in depth after the detox is over and I can truly introduce you to this incredible lifestyle that is changing my life.

Before I retire, I just want to share a wonderful horoscope I found for Pisces, thanks to Darice, who will probably find it very touching after our last few chats.


The Aquarian energy of 2009 encourages you to weave new dreams into peoples' lives, and to help them feel at home in the world. Success grows as you exemplify your visions, attracting people who appreciate your compassion to raise their consciousness to a new level. In your service to help others realize deeper realities, you become more aware and sensitive to your own connection to the powers that be.

Your profound ability to explore transformation and share wisdom with large communities helps you find a welcome place in society. The love you discover through your own transformation will bring abundant manifestations for others. As you help people heal their consciousness, they can more easily find sanctuary from harsh realities. Your sensitivity to their needs reaches into the deepest realms of a their psyche.

For those who wish also to support change in the world (that's me), emotional affinity comes easily between you and your peers. From time-to-time this year, step back and reflect on the deeper purpose of your life's work. Be sure to make decisions that match your own objectives, values and goals, and don't allow yourself to be swayed by others desires. Maintain your individuality. Getting in touch with your dreams will help you know which direction is best to take in your effort to expand your beliefs and be of service in a much larger way.

Question for You

So tell me, by commenting below, where do you stand with your health and what are you goals for 2009? Just writing them here will put the intention into the universe and place you closer to reaching your goal. I want to help any way I can.

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  1. Great post!

    Being Bea's partner in the great journey of life, I can attest that the fasting day wasn't as bad as I imagined. If you try this, and I suggest doing so, the first day is worse in your head than your belly.