Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 6, and I'm feeling good

It has been a great day! I feel so wonderful, like I did when I was eating raw before. But this time, I got to this feeling much sooner and I attribute it to the detox. I'll have to be careful about how much fat I add back into my diet, but cleaning out like this will make it easy to read my body, see what it responds to best.

We ended up going to the farmers' market later then I've ever been, so there really wasn't as much there as usual. I forgot to take photos, even though I brought my camera :( but I did take some of the stuff I bought.

We also stopped at the Almond Blossom Cafe to pick up organic produce before getting the rest of our groceries at the market. They catered our wedding (check out the photo of our cake here at the bottom of the page) and we signed up for a lecture by Dr. Craig Sommers, author of The Raw Foods Bible, there next week so I'll be sure to write about that.

Our eating schedule was thrown off a little too, so after a banana snack, I was super hungry for a late lunch consisting of a kale, blueberry, and mango smoothie (yummm) and a carrot. Then Brent made some adjustments to his salsa recipe and made it completely raw and we actually like it better. So I had that for a snack with zucchini slices twice today and my mouth was on fire—love it! Thanks Brent!

Dinner was a very flavorful salad with lots of veggies and a lemon-ginger dressing. I did crave some popcorn with our family movie night, but I resisted the temptation and had some "chips" and salsa instead. I also had a terrible lust for some red wine, especially since there's an open bottle spoiling as we speak, but I said no and it feels good not to care.

My body is feeling so light and fresh, that it's hard to go to sleep at night. I don't have that drained feeling and my mind is still alert even though my body is signaling to get to bed. I think kicking up the workouts is going to help with this. We wanted to buy a wii fit today, but it appears that they are hard to find, so I took the dogs out for a long walk. I think I'll try a different yoga video tomorrow and see how the challenge goes.

Thanks for the strange fruit comments. I wanted to find something at the market today, but didn't succeed. You should see our fridge though, it's jam packed with produce and I love seeing so much healthy stuff every time I open it. Off to bed, hope your day was lovely.

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