Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5, I'll admit it

I don't know why I did it, and it's not all that bad... I had corn on the cob tonight. The smell was so delicious and I was so hungry. Can't be too hard on myself for what most people would say is healthy, but I really wanted to make it through all 7 days without anything cooked, and I cheated today. We can't always live up to our own expectations, those are the most difficult anyway. So, instead of dwelling on this and letting the guilt get to me, I will move on—no harm done here. I'm still on my path, I just took a pause.

Breakfast was delicious today, but then again, anything with raspberries is delicious to me. I made a green smoothie from spring mix greens and frozen raspberries. Still miss that touch of honey, but it's not necessary any more.

My "visitor" also came by today, and I bring this up because when I stopped eating raw a couple months ago this was greatly affected. Going raw helps with the emotions, bloating, cramps, regularity, and length. So I'm looking forward to returning to those days once again. And since we're on this topic I want to promote a product I love: the diva cup. That's all I'll say. Click the link, it's amazing—it works better, is better for the environment and saves you lots of $$$.

Back to foods, had an apple for a snack and lunch consisted of:

  • tangerine
  • brocolli (2 small heads)
  • celery
  • carrot
  • baby peppers
  • green onion

I brought a couple starfruits for an afternoon snack and they sure got a lot of attention at the office. I didn't realize so many people are affraid to try "exotic" fruits. Once they did, they realized what they were missing out on. Not sure why I craved coffee all of a sudden today, maybe it's the Friday atmosphere at work and how I used to have a couple cups out of excitement for the weekend. Well, I don't need that any more—I've got enough excitement as is :)

For dinner, I just added some more veggies to the leftover salad from yesterday, and the corn of course. So far I've lost 6 lbs! I didn't think it would be this fast, but it feels so nice not to have that heavy feeling any more. Even though my clothes don't show much of a change (I can usually fluctate 10 lbs in my jeans thank goodness) I feel great changes and soon they will show even more. Just need to keep up with the exercise. For which I took the dogs for a walk today, but not as long as I should have since it was so cold out and getting dark.

This weekend shall be fun. Tomorrow starts off with the farmers' market and I'll be taking my camera to share photos for the next post. Then look out for a video on Sunday.

Today's question:What's the strangest fruit you've ever tried?


  1. So.... weirdest fruit ever, is the ultimate weird fruit. I have tried Durian fruit. The smell was absolutely vile. But the taste was like warm custard. Durian fruit candies are actually really good, and leave an interesting taste on your tongue.
    I love strange food, specially strange fruit.

  2. Weirdest fruit? I would say the starfish fruit. Looks strange, but with a light and refreshing taste. I recommend trying them.

    Honorable mention goes to one of my favorite words, sounds dirty but it's not, the cumquat!

  3. I love trying things I've never had before even more so if I have no idea what it is. Once in college I went through an exotic fruit phase. The Walmart near my house had an impressive exotic fruit section especially for a small town like St. Augustine. The fruit there always peaked my interest until one day I decided I would tried something new every time I went. I often had to look the fruit up when I got home to figure out how to eat it, what to expect, etc. One fruit that stuck in my mind was the Persimmon. It's from Japan and looks like an orange tomato but tastes completely different. It was sweet and slightly tangy with a soft texture. It was good! I used to look forward to the experiment every time I shopped. I never new what I was getting myself into and I discovered some really great (and not so great) fruits that I otherwise would never have had an opportunity to try.

  4. I love persimmons Amber! They are a great substitute for my banana mash, and they're terrific in green smoothies. I love how you experiment when you are shopping. That's a great tip for readers. Thanks!